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    2′ x 3′ Vintage Hemp Rugs


    HOME’s vintage hemp rugs are a favorite for bathrooms and other small areas. They also are beautiful on tables and/or for tea ceremonies. Each rug is lined to help keep it in place.
    As with all of our vintage hemp textiles, these rugs are ethically handmade from vintage hemp woven in the 1960s. Our exclusive color line is dyed by the sea using traditional washing methods.
    Each rug is one of a kind. Your small rugs will be similar to the item shown in the photo, however not identical. This is the beauty and uniqueness of vintage handwoven hemp. If you would like a photo of the exact rug you will receive, please send an email requesting one.
    Care Instructions – We recommend regular vacuuming, spot cleaning, and/or professional cleaning when needed.  That said, we have many clients who wash their small rugs as they use them in bathrooms.  If you choose to wash your rug, please be aware that the color will fade.  
    Please read these washing instructions carefully – Gentle, cold water wash with very little mild/delicate natural detergent.  If you have a large laundry washing bag, we recommend you use that.  Absolutely no agitator.  An extra spin will help remove excess water.  If you prefer to keep the soft texture of your rug, then you will need to dry your rug on low until it is soft.  (If you used a laundry washing bag, please remove the rug from the bag before drying.)  We dry our rugs to about 85% dry then let them hang dry the rest of the way so that they wrinkle less.  Regardless, they will lay flat again after a couple of days on the floor.  If you choose to air/hang dry, the texture will be coarse, though it will soften as you use it.  Please reach out via email if you have any further questions.
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    Weight 2 lbs
    Dimensions 24 × 6 × 6 in
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    Letters from Home

    Stay up to date with our latest product releases & events.

    We’ll also send you 10% off your first order.